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Analyst Report

AITE Mobile Apps
In this report, Aite lays out the state of the industry’s mobile apps and usability, with 41 of the top 50 life carriers represented. While life carriers have developed e-apps, many still require a wet signature – breaking the digital experience. Get Aite’s insights into which e-signature vendors can best support carriers for building a digital and mobile strategy and overcome common concerns around audits, security and legacy integration.

Our takeaways include:

  • Survey results from consumers and executives: mobile experience, installation, functionality, security and strategy
  • E-Signature vendor comparison: See how eSignLive by VASCO stacks up against Giact, InsureApp, Intellect SEEC, Kofax, Sureify, Tomorrow
  • Five mobile strategies when adding e-signatures
  • Why mobile apps must provide the same value as the customer portal
  • The importance of multifactor authentication, detailed audit trails and tamper seals when supporting e-signature
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